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Welcome to our website ("Cortina China"). Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.
This Privacy Policy applies when you visit or surf our website without purchasing any product, when you register with Cortina China, and when you use our services for purchasing products.
If you haven't already done so, please also read the Terms and Conditions of Cortina China containing relevant information on privacy and on the security systems used by this website.
Cortina China is managed by FLA Europe NV, its registered office is located in Oudenaarde, Belgium. You'll find the company details below.

Website administration

Business name: FLA Europe NV
Address: Lindestraat 58
City: Oudenaarde
ZIP: 9700
Country: Belgium
Website URL: http://www.Cortina China
Website e-mail: info@Cortina China


Everyone has the right to protection to his/her personal data.
Cortina China respects its users' right to be informed regarding the collection of and other operations involving their personal data. In using data, that may directly or indirectly identify you personally, we will apply the principle of strict necessity.
For this reason, we have designed Cortina China in such a way that the use of personal data will be kept to a minimum and will not exceed the purposes for which your personal data was collected and/or processed; we do not process your personal data when we can provide you with services through the use of anonymous data (such as marketing research made for improving our services) or by other means which allow Cortina China to identify you a part from when it is strictly necessary or upon request of the competent public authorities or the police (as, for example, in case of traffic data or your IP address).
Cortina China deterimes the purposes and means of processing your personal data, including security measures, as Cortina China controls Cortina China users' personal data.
We want our users to always be aware of any information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. Cortina China makes every effort to treat your personal information with care. Most of the pages on our site can be accessed without having to fill in your personal details. But for some parts we do need information. This statement explains how Cortina China treats this information and what it is used for.

Information collection and use

We respect each site visitor's right to personal privacy. To that end, we collect and use information throughout our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This statement applies solely to information collected on this website. In order for you to gain access to some parts of the website, you will be asked to fill in some personal details. This will be the case if, for example, you register for a product or subscribe to the newsletter.
Personal data will be disclosed to third party companies which provide, on behalf of Cortina China, specific services as Data Processors or to other recipients of personal data collected by Cortina China, which autonomously process your personal data only for the performance of a contract for the purchase of products on Cortina China and only when such purpose does not exceed the purposes for which your personal data was collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, according to applicable laws and regulations.
We use our customers' email address to confirm orders, update order information and to notify contest winners. If you choose, we will add you to our email newsletter to update you on sale events and special notices. The choice of receiving sale notices and product-related emails is yours. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at anytime. We do not sell, trade or rent personal information such as your name, emailaddress or purchase history.


We use cookies on the site to manage the processing of your order. The cookie we receive does not gather any information about your name, address, billing information or credit card. It is used solely to help us maintain your shopping cart and enhance your shopping experience.
Cookies are strings of text stored in a file on your computer. They cannot execute any programs or access any other information on your computer. In addition, cookies can only be read by the site that placed the cookie in the first place. Cortina China uses cookies only to enhance your experience on Cortina China.

Creditcard details

Cortina China does NOT collect your creditcard details. If you purchase from Cortina China, the payement processor that is used is Ingenico (Ogone). Ingenico has its own privacy policies, which are available here. None of your creditcard or account information is ever seen by this website or passed through it, let alone retained. All Cortina China receives is a notification when an order has been completed and the payment processed correctly and completely, and that notification only includes what you purchased, how much you paid, what your address is, and perhaps a note if you added one. Cortina China also provides a Transaction ID#, so the order can be looked up in the Ingenico database, if necessary. At no time doe we have any access to your private information during the transaction. You will be noted that you're taken to a secure Ingenico site during checkout.